Mission Trips

Each year at least one Mission Trip is hosted to minister to CIMIV and the surrounding area. The trip is usually a week in duration and includes ministering to the children and the teachers at CIMIV, as well as the migrate, sugar cane workers. The sugar cane workers live in very impoverished conditions, so our team goes and distributes food packages, bibles and shares the gospel with them through a speaker.

Each year we receive great feedback from the teams who go. It’s a life changing experience seeing another culture. Especially one that displays generosity, kindness and need for Jesus Christ.

Interested in taking a trip in 2018? There will be as trip October 27- November 3.  We need a commitment by July 20, 2018.  If interested, contact us here.


Below are accounts of team member’s first hand experiences.

“This was my first trip to the DR and to tell the truth, I was very timid to come at all…but I am so glad I did!  I really didn’t know any of the team before the trip but I truly believe we have grown together as a ‘family’.  I have truly enjoyed pouring love and attention onto the children.  Seeing their smiles every morning warms my heart.  We spent a lot of time this week preparing bags for the sugar cane villages (since that was our main focus with such a small group).  It was truly an experience delivering them.  I was reminded this morning in devotions that we need to remember who we are serving and even though we might not get the fulfillment of seeing the fruits of our labor, GOD KNOWS!  He puts us in each village for a reason and we need to serve Him and trust Him to fulfill His plan.  I learned a lot this week from the Mercedes family, each team member, and also the children.  I’m thankful for the chance I’ve had to be here and hope to make a trip back again.” – Holly G.

“Not only was this my first time out of the United States but my first mission trip too.  I had NO idea of what to expect from the practical standpoint as well as the spiritual.  The group is not even a full 3/4 of the way through this mission trip and I’ve grown in ways I could have never have predicted before coming.  In the most subtle ways, God has led me, day by day.  From teaching me to be ever-present (rather than distracted and always half somewhere) to tugging on my heart to say words of encouragement as much as possible to everyone around me (even in situations I wouldn’t have normally spoken at all).  In addition to these growths, I’ve seen an intense increase in progress in areas God was working in me prior to this mission trip.  Those lessons are carrying through and will continue to mold my heart even after the trip.  On top of those two elements, God has helped me to silence some past burdens, worries, fears and areas of weakness where my lack of trust and faith in God overwhelmed me.  Things such as insecurities in very specific areas, doubt of my future, and present stumbling blocks, have ALL been silenced.  Though they may resurface as I am training and fighting to keep them silenced, I’m positive I will overcome.  God has already overcome them.  I never knew this much REFINEMENT could happen in my heart, soul and mind SO fast, in such an impactful and permanent way.  The rest of this week, I’m sure will be just as memorable as the first half has been.  Saying goodbye to those kids tomorrow, even imagining leaving them chokes me up.  Everything has seemed so surreal until the moment I pictured saying my farewells to them tomorrow at 3pm.  God is having His way in me and I praise His name for that.”  -Erisa S.

“I must say first that if you ever go on a trip with Ron and Sandy, you are very lucky.  The trust that they put into the Lord to lead this trip is amazing.  This is the third time that I have been here and it is very clear that the Lord is working here and in the lives of those that come here.  I truly thank God for the honor of being able to do His work along side the Center and This Little Light Ministries.  It is a pleasure.  God has opened the eyes to my heart and showed me things that must change this week.  The King is King.” – Brandon L.



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