Support the Cause

Ways to Support the Cause

  • Prayer:  Pray for this ministry and the people it provides for including the Mercedes Family (operators of CIMIV), the teachers, the staff and the children of Centro Integral Maternal Infantil Vida (CIMIV). Pray that our involvement in Punta de Garza will open many doors, so we can share the GOOD news of Jesus Christ with the lost among them as this is our primary goal.
  • Monthly Sponsorship: A monthly donation will be used to support the teachers and the staff at CIMIV. With your support of the school, we will help provide teachers with a salary, in hopes that it can be semi-competitive of that offered in the public schools. The teachers at CIMIV only get paid US$180.00 a month, while the public school teachers can make up to US$400.00 a month. The outstanding group of teachers feel that it is part of their personal mission to help the children in this village, but sadly due to the deficit in their salaries and families to support, many have no choice, but to move on. The teachers are extremely influential in the children’s lives as they model Christian characteristics and disciple the students spiritually, as well as academically.  Through offering a better salary the children see more teachers staying in their lives then leave.
  • One time gifts: A one time gift, can be God’s way of providing for immediate or unforeseen needs. You can designate where you would like your gift to be used, or your donations will be used where it is most needed, like towards special projects or to fulfill a monthly financial needs.

Prayerfully, consider coming along side of

This Little Light Ministries and Centro Integral Maternal Infantil Vida (CIMIV)

Donations can be accepted through  PayPal Donate Button or mailed to:


PO BOX 123

Richland, PA 17087


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